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Daniel Aguilera  was born and raised in Mexico City, since childhood he has continued to keep his family recipes alive through his now vast culinary experience. After opening his first restaurant in Mexico City just out of college and completely falling in love with the savory flavors and beauty of Mexican food, Dani has now been in the food industry for over 30 years. He has traveled and learned from all different parts of Mexico where he has learned the traditional dishes offered in each pueblo and where he became constantly inspired by the ingredients, textures and colors of Mexican food; ultimately believing that each dish should have a color palette of 5 different colors, to maximise not only it’s presentation, but it’s overall taste.  Mexico has been nominated having amongst the top 10 best cuisines in the world, and "Tacos are and will always be a big part of our culture, you can spend your time traveling through Mexico tasting the local foods and because of our culture’s wide variety, you’ll simply never get tired.” This is why Dani has wanted to share with the world his “Real Mexican Tacos, where Tex Mex becomes a thing of the past”



in every dish we make!

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